National Student Council

The National Student Council (NSC) is CPFI's student leadership network.  With guidance from the Student Chapter Affairs Committee, NSC operates to meet the needs of today's Christian Student Pharmacists through projects such as:

  • The National Student Council Newsletter:  This quarterly newsletter is packed with important information and ideas from chapters across the country.  It will have updates on upcoming events, such as the National Student Council Retreat or the Global Health Missions Conference.  It also provides information on nation-wide projects such as Operation Christmas Child as well as innovative ideas that chapters have pursued.
  • Managing the Regions:  Currently, we are searching for student volunteers to fill all of the Regional Director positions.  Regional Directors are similar to the Chairperson, but they are able to be more hands-on by planning regional retreats or region-wide socials and service projects.  To apply to be the Director of your Region, click here.
  • Student Representation:  NSC represents students at CPFI Board of Directors meetings.
  • National Student Council Representatives:  If we need to contact a chapter directly, the NSC Representative is the first person we contact.  The Representative should also communicate information from the newsletter to other members of the chapter in case all of the chapter members do not have CPFI National membership.  They are also in charge of submitting the update form.  One current goal is to hold an online meeting for all NSC Representatives each semester.
  • National Student Retreat:  The annual retreat is a great way to learn, worship, and network with student pharmacists from across the country.
  • Mentorship Program: The NSC provides students, pharmacists, an opportunity to connect with and receive guidance from pharmacists that work/have worked in their field of interest.
    • Sign-ups will be available soon!
  • NSC Connect: This is where CPFI chapters around the nation connect over a Zoom call to join each other in prayer, networking, and fun games and activities. Be on the lookout for NSC connect dates moving forward!
  • NSC Prayer Request/Testimonial: NSC would love to know any of your prayer requests and join you in praying. Feel free to visit this form again to share a testimony on how God answered your prayers and be featured in the newsletter!
    • Link:

The NSC Policies and Procedures can be found here.


Meet Your Student Chapter Advisory Committee and 2021-2022 National Student Council Click Here


To View the Structure of the National Student Council Click Here


Beyond the Student Chapter

 There are many great things happening in CPFI chapters across the country.  Unfortunately, several members will graduate without having the experience of CPFI outside of their chapter.  While Regional and National Retreats are a wonderful way to do this, it is not always feasible for students to attend.  Still, we hope that you will continue to be a member of CPFI after you graduate.  In addition to the continuing education and missions opportunities that CPFI provides, the value of the fellowship is unmatchable.  The love and support that members have for one another can only be described by the unity we find first in Christ, then in pharmacy.  While you will soon be leaving the fellowship at your school, those opportunities will still exist with CPFI.




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