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CPFI offers four types of memberships:

  1. Professional 
    for individuals who have completed their pharmacy training.
  2. Student
    for individuals who are currently studying pharmacy, in pre-pharmacy or are a full-time graduate student.
  3. Associate
    for pharmacy technicians, medical librarians, administrators, a publisher or a drug company - that want to be knowledgeable  about or engaged with CPFI activities.
  4. International
    for individuals who have completed their pharmacy training and are currently living in a country outside of North America.

Professional Membership Options: 

  • Professional  (3 options)
    1. Annual dues - dues will be paid once a year - The yearly membership contribution for pharmacists begins at $120. and there are increasing levels for those who choose to provide additional support to this ministry (contributing member $150., supporting member $250. or sustaining member $500.). 
    2. Monthly dues combined with a monthly Power Hour gift (Power Hour gift is a suggested gift of 1 hour of your salary given each month.)  An example would be monthly dues of $10. ($120. for annual membership renewal divided by 12 months) plus $40.  (hourly wage example) for a total monthly contribution of $50.  This will be an automatic recurrent payment from your credit card
    3. Monthly dues combined with 1% Group gift (The 1% Group are individuals committed to support CPFI by giving 1% of our operational budget.)  The gift portion would be $1,380. per year and $120. for their membership dues. Choose this option if you would like to combine your membership dues with this giving option and spread the payment out over 12 months with a recurring automatic payment monthly of $125. from your credit card. (1% Group members also have the option of renewing their membership annually and renewing their 1% Group membership annually rather than making monthly payments. See option #1 above.)
  • Pharmacist - 1st professional year after pharmacy graduation - student rate ($30.).
  • Pharmacist - 2nd professional year after pharmacy graduation - increased rate ($60.), but not yet professional rate.
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Student Membership:     
     All student pharmacists (North American and International) are asked to make a yearly membership contribution of $30.

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Associate Membership:  
    An associate membership is offered to non-pharmacist friends of this ministry for a yearly contribution of $120. 

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International Membership:

  • Professional - Category A, B or C Country
    Dues must be paid in U.S. dollars using a credit card and are dependent on your
    WHO category; $100. for Category A, $60. for Category B or $40. for Category C.  
    Before proceeding, International members must identify country category here
    International members will receive all electronic communications via e-mail,
    but will not receive the Journal or other mailed correspondence.
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